Peninsula Telecom is a provider of bespoke telecommunications solutions.

What does that mean?

It means that first of all we consult. We listen and learn about our clients before we put forward a proposal. We examine the needs and requirements of each individual business that we deal with. We look at the working patterns, the call profile, the hardware needs and the ergonomics. The multi-location businesses, one man bands and international offices.

Work anywhere...

Did you know you could have an office in almost any country in the world and have and Australian telephone number in it? Or if you have strong ties to the UK, PenIntel will provide you a UK number and you pay UK rates for UK calls?

We love innovation!

But, we only provide tried and tested solutions. We are wholesale clients of major networks and provide services across a number of Australia’s Tier 1 carriers.

Don't look for plans or prices

What you will not find on this website is a request to sign up for a service that has not been evaluated to see if it meets your needs. That is why you can’t sign up for any services or products here.

We provide all forms of telephony, fixed line, mobile and VoIP (the most effective way to gain advantage from communications).

We are an ISP and will provide you with ADSL, SHDSL, NBN, Ethernet Broadband, Wireless Broadband and then solutions to run over them.

But not here...

Not until we have spoken and worked out a plan that makes sense to both you and us.

Business Phones

Low Cost Business Phone Plans that SAVE you money

Business VoIP

The All-in-One Business PBX with Advanced Features and Low Cost Calls

Business Broadband

Business Grade Reliability on Australia’s Biggest Network

So what do you do now?

You call 1300 282 104 and we talk, we meet and if it works out... we help. It really is that easy.

Communicating Change

Communicating Change

Not your usual telecoms provider